1. Krkonoše cycling trail

This trail leads through the most interesting parts of the Černá and Světlá Mountains. The ideal starting point is the upper station of the Janské Lázně – Černá hora cable car, where you can avoid the unpleasant climb. Transportation of bicycles by cable car is free of charge. There are 9 thematic information boards along the trail. The route of the trail is in Zone III of KRNAP (Giant Mountain National Park), so it is necessary to follow the visitor regulations. The trail is open from 1 June to 15 October. In order to ensure peace and quiet for wildlife, cyclists can ride on the trail until 5 pm. Length: 16 km

Black Mine Descent
Černá Hora (1299 m), Černá bouda, 1B direction Lučiny, 19 B, 1E downstream of Čistá, Černý Důl (595 m). Length: 12 km

For views of the Giant Mountains
In the vicinity of Lánov, the cycle paths have new equipment. Circuit No. 8 invites you to this area, which offers outstanding views of the Krkonoše Mountains. It is about 28 km long including the exit to Čihadlo. We recommend you start with the more terrain demanding blue marked cycle route from the railway station in Vrchlabí through Horní Lánov to Černý Důl, as with route No. 9. Here you will cross to cycle route No. 4298 in the direction of Lánov. For those interested, we also suggest option 8a, which allows you to take the roads and cycle route 4298 through Terezín to Hostinné, 9 km away. Our route No. 8 leads to the right along the local road to the crossroads below Malá Sněžka. There is a new rest area, a map and a panorama of the Krkonoše Mountains. The panorama highlights the view from the nearby Čihadlo hill, which is the highest in the area. From the crossroads, you can take the cycle route No. 4298 to Prostřední Lánov to the information centre, which is presented as a 5 km long alternative 8b. The main circuit continues under Čihadlo through Dolní Lánov to Kunčice on cycle route No. 4299. From Kunčice back to Vrchlabí you can take the Labská cyklotrail No. 24.

Descent under Liška
Janské Lázně (670 m above sea level), Černá hora (1299 m above sea level), Pražská bouda, Lesní bouda,Tetřeví bouda, A) – Hříběcí boudy, Strážné, Vrchlabí (465 m above sea level) = 26 km. Tetřeví boudy, B) – Dolní Dvůr, Lánov (470 m above sea level). Length: 25 km