Tip for a trip

Novosad and Son Glassworks and Microbrewery (45 km)

Bosorka Art Workshop (7 km)

The Bosorka Art Workshop is a space for children and adults who have not lost the desire to create. Don’t worry that you can’t do it…everyone had to learn at some point…and sometimes you just need to enjoy it…You pay for the products, not for the time spent in the workshop. Price 30-250Kč

Interesting fact

Černý Důl freight ropeway The longest freight ropeway in Central Europe leading from the limestone quarry in Černý Důl to the processing plant in Kunčice nad Labem It was built between 1959 and 1963 to transport limestone from the quarry in Černý Důl to the plant in Kunčice nad Labem. The ropeway is a gradient ropeway, using the height difference between Černý Důl and Kunčice nad Labem. To set it in motion, there must be full trolleys on the so-called full side. After the cableway starts to move, the full side starts to “drag” the empty side, thus allowing the empty trolleys to move towards Černý Důl. The electric motor that sets the ropeway in motion then acts as a brake while generating electricity for part of the operating equipment of the Černý Důl quarry.


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